Day Two: The Graham Cracker

I have been cooking more than baking lately and it appears I have forgotten the golden rule of new baking recipes, follow the recipe. Always, always follow the recipe. Oh, and line the baking sheet if the recipe tells you to do so, it is in there for a reason. My first batch stuck to the sheet so fiercely that I have a whole batch of graham cracker crumbs ready to go for my next pie. Yeah! The second batch came out much better. Even though I messed up the recipe a little and lost half of my delicious cookies (yes graham crackers were intended to be cookies not cardboard) I am pretty pleased with the cookies that did survive.

This is only a third of the cookies one batch will make. However these are all that survived.

They are hearts! So yummy.

Cookie goodness along with other amazing recipes can be found here.

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